About Us

Club LAVERDA New South Wales was established in 1982. In Australia there are LAVERDA Clubs in New South Wales, Queensland and Victoria.


From Ralph (Life Member): Long ago when Men were Men and machines were angry (and my memory was excellent) I placed an advertisement in AMCN calling for those interested in forming Club LAVERDA NSW. The idea hatched from a brilliant Bathurst Easter meeting with the boys and girls from Queensland where Rabbi and I agreed we should get a NSW club going. A cold July 1982 evening at the Epping Hotel flushed out about 13 people from memory… They included Chris Mooney 82 Jota (now runs Monza Imports NSW branch), Col Raynor 1981 Jota, Big Ears 76 3CL, Bruce Lamb 750 SFI and others… Chris became the President, Col the Treasurer and I the Secretary.
From there the Club formed it’s immediate character… It was obvious every Social interaction would involve Drinking (fun fueled laughter), Riding at stupid speeds (after all pride was at stake as we interacted with the Ducati and Norton clubs), some illicit drugs (don’t forget this was the early 80’s) and lot’s of Racing as Chris, Garth, Andy Mac and also my brother Wens were racing members. In our first year the Club had massive rides to Coffs, Tilba, Kangaroo Valley, and O’Connell which always had at least 25 people in tow.
Oh! Did I mention Sex the other currency of the 80s? Well you had to be there!
As promised about 5 years ago (I forgot and got busy forming a business) I said to Dave R that I would get some history down…
Even now every bike I buy I end up painting orange… just to keep my connection with the past !


We are a LAVERDA club that wants to keep up the LAVERDA tradition and as such we have the following:

  • Monthly Socials.
  • Weekend rides.
  • Club magazine (Jottings).
  • Annual events such as our 4 day Snowy Rally ride, Brass Monkey weekend run to Uralla etc.
  • Technical information.
  • A range of parts available to all LAVERDA owners.

LAVERDA ownership is not requisite for membership, as long as you have a motorcycle and an interest in LAVERDA’S and/or their owners you are more than welcome.